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We’re listening

by Luke McKeever 9. November 2011 11:02 AM

When OB10 began providing an electronic invoicing service to its customers a little over 10 years ago, the only way we received feedback was through our specific support channels or when we met or spoke with people directly. Today, there are many options available for anybody wishing to express their delight or seek help.
Social media and the web offer a huge step forward for service-focused businesses such as ours. We can see and, importantly, respond to feedback that would have previously been out of our reach as we continue to search for ways to improve our services and support.

We have various established ways for you to make recommendations, get help or even vent a frustration, and we'd like to introduce a new one:

In addition, I would like to invite you to contact me directly. I see all the comments we receive here and I will ensure that we respond to all legitimate feedback. Also keep an eye on the blog as we update it frequently with news of our developments, features and services.

And if you have a few minutes to spare and are interested in seeing where we’re going with OB10, watch my latest video on our vision.


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Stacy United States
11/10/2011 4:32:11 PM #

I commented on Mathew Stibbe's original article, one thing I certainly hope you've changed is the use of ONLY TIFF attachments.  TIFFs are huge, outdated, and antiquated.  Have you started accepting PDF format?  Or anything else besides tiff?

Luke McKeever
Luke McKeever United Kingdom
11/11/2011 10:54:46 AM #

Hi Stacy

Thanks for your comment.

Our system will work with any type of file format for the attachment (including PDFs).

We are however constrained by what your customer wants to receive, it sounds as if the company you’re invoicing has requested that suppliers use tiff files for its finance system. Someone in our support team will get in touch to see if there is anything else we can do to help.

Thanks again


Mike United Kingdom
11/18/2011 11:52:14 AM #

I've just stumbled across this by chance, but would like to make two points.

1. Stacy is mis-informed.  Tiff files are not huge etc. The TIFF standard is a wrapper for many types of different content. For documents it is one of the most efficient formats.

2. OB10 is supposedly there to facilitate the delivery of invoices. Why not provide file format conversion automatically? As a programmer I can tell you it's a relatively trivial process and will make the system more user friendly for both the the invoicer and the invoicee.

Luke McKeever
Luke McKeever United Kingdom
11/21/2011 10:11:46 AM #

Dear Mike

Thank you for your comment, you've raised an interesting idea.

We haven't been asked to do this before. You're right, it is fairly easy to convert between formats such as TIFF/PDF/HTML and many others.

Most of our buyers want to receive TIFF images (or PDFs) because of constraints in their own internal workflow applications. We could offer a conversion service between the supplier and the buyer, as you suggest, however I am led to believe that abstracting it this way could inadvertently cause issues. It appears that the TIFF format does not support active content, so if a supplier uploads a document with an external reference link they would expect the buyer to be able to use it and would be disappointed because the conversion would destroy the link.

Our technical team has explored this a little and has also found issues while uploading multi-sheet Excel files. Apparently these can cause problems with convertors and can create versioning issues that convertors would need to stay current with.

It is an interesting idea. Thank you for bringing it to us; we think it warrants further investigation.

Rick United States
11/22/2011 5:48:03 PM #

This might have already been addressed but if not appreciate any help. Customer of mine uses OB10 has for awhile on older system he had running Windows XP he was able to access your site. Just recently built him a new system with Windows XP Pro due to age problems with other system. Ok so now this particular system will not accept his password no matter how many times he tries, oddity is that we can get on to his account from our systems and can even get on to account through his server. Could this possibly be a cookie problem or something else we are missing entirely. He is currently running MS Security Essentials which means he is using Windows Firewall for his protection. On server he is running small business server client and Trend Micro Titanium but again I stress that we can get into account on his server. Any help on this matter is much appreciated....Rick

Luke McKeever
Luke McKeever United Kingdom
11/23/2011 12:00:29 PM #

Hi Rick

Good to hear from you.

The OB10 site does not require any special settings to gain access as we use standard browser functions and port addresses. It sounds like a problem with the firewall or connection set-up.

It is difficult to give a precise diagnosis as the issue seems to be specific to this client. I will ask one of our support team to contact you so we can find a solution for your client.



Ted United States
12/11/2013 6:39:45 PM #

I came here from a post at BadLanguage.net.  He apparently disliked OB10 until they became a customer.  I doubt that he likes OB10 even now, but no longer expresses it.  Who knows, maybe it is okay for sending invoices.  

As a supplier, I really dislike OB10.  Invoices just sit in some black hole.  No one answers the phone.  We're supposed to know what to put into fields labeled "Line 1" , "Line 2", etc. If the DUNS number (not asked for anywhere) is on Line 2 not Line 1, then no payment.  No notice, no error, no help, just no payment.

Future orders requiring us to use OB10 will have to pay a surcharge.  It has been a horrible experience.  I hope that some day OB10 improves.  Until then, customers will just have to pay extra.

Luke McKeever
Luke McKeever United Kingdom
12/12/2013 3:56:56 AM #


I'm sorry you're having trouble. Our Customer Support team will contact you this morning and I hope we can improve the experience you've had with OB10.

Please let me know if you continue to have issues.


crystal United States
12/17/2013 1:27:34 PM #

Hi Luke. I have a question. Does it normally take over a month (going into 2 months now) to get everything set up to start submitting invoices? Our client wants us to invoice through OB10. We started the process on the 1st week of november and here it is mid december and we still cant submit an invoice. We have called support over 30 times an sent multiple emails and vmails. We only got an answer twice on the phone and never received a email back. Is this normal operations for your company. We are a small business just established in january. Its hard to stay afloat when your working but not getting paid. Can u provide any suggestions on what we need to do in a situation like this?

Sandra Higgison
Sandra Higgison United Kingdom
12/18/2013 1:34:18 PM #


I am responding on behalf of Luke as he is currently on vacation.

Your experience is not normal, and I'm sorry that you've had problems. I have asked our support team to contact you as soon as possible to resolve whatever is outstanding.

Apologies again

Head of Global Communications

Ted United States
12/20/2013 1:07:26 PM #


Thanks for your offer of assistance.  Yes, I am still having problems.  I got an email today asking me to update remit information that I updated the last time I got the email.  Updated again, maybe this time it will stick.  My invoice continues to sit unpaid with no apparent activity.

The OB10 support group said they can't help because the purchaser is the VA.  The OB10 VA support group does not answer their phone, their voicemail box is full and not taking messages and replying to the email I keep getting results in an email saying that email support was dropped because customers preferred it that way.  I have two open tickets.

I don't want to hate OB10.  I just want to be paid for the merchandise that was delivered long ago.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Sandra Higgison
Sandra Higgison United Kingdom
12/23/2013 12:14:24 PM #


Luke's on vacation so I hope you don't mind if I reply.

I've spoken to a few people about your situation and am sorry that your invoice submission has had problems.

We had an incident at our London office last week that had a knock-on effect on some of our US support lines, which unfortunately meant you were directed to the voicemail. www.ob10.com/.../...cident-at-OB10s-London-HQ.aspx

In terms of your outstanding payment, I'm afraid that OB10 does not look after payment of invoices. You can see the status of your invoices to the VA, including the expected payment date, on the Federal Government VIS Portal: www.vis.fsc.va.gov/login.aspx

Finally, I'm looking into the repeated requests for you to update your remit information and how we can improve this process.

I hope your outstanding invoices are paid swiftly. Please let me know if I can help.



Head of Global Communications

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