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OB10, part of Tungsten Corporation, is the most trusted global e-Invoicing network.

We work with Fortune 500 companies and the world's largest BPO providers to enable straight-through processing and early payment financing.

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For AP/Procurement Professionals

  • OB10 offers you transparency, accountability and financial control
  • Improves your key supplier relationships
  • Learn more about how we are helping organisations like HP, Kraft, Pfizer and GSK

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For AR Professionals

  • OB10 offers you value on multiple levels
  • Guaranteed invoice delivery
  • Increased payment on time
  • Secure access via the internet

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Who we work with

"A key factor for me was OB10’s supplier enrolment process; I felt we could deliver significant benefits in a short period of time."

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"OB10 made it incredibly easy for us to move from receiving paper invoices to electronic invoicing. Since joining the network we’ve seen our relationship with suppliers improve."

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"OB10 was the only vendor who could prove the effectiveness of its supplier enrolment campaigns and had evidence of converting up to 70% of companies’ invoice volumes in under 12 months."

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"The use of e-commerce solutions to automate supplier payment processes is a proven method of trade that brings benefits to both the customer and supplier."

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"By working with OB10, we are looking to improve efficiency across the purchasing and payment processes."

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