Adoption of Electronic Invoicing

DSW is pleased to announce a progressive change in our accounts payable process that will ensure our valued suppliers are paid promptly We have entered into a relationship with OB10, a global provider for electronic invoice delivery, which will allow our suppliers to easily benefit from electronic invoicing directly from their existing billing systems. 

Your participation is vital to ensuring that DSW can offer the most efficient and highest quality invoice processing possible, while moving to a paperless invoice processing environment in account payable.

OB10 Benefits to Suppliers Include:

  • Instant delivery of invoice data into our accounting systems; therefore, eliminating mail time, document preparation and data errors.
  • 100% guaranteed delivery of invoices within minutes of submission, eliminating common problems such as lost or misplaced invoices.
  • Verification of transmission success or failure via OB10 through emailed status reporting.
  • Providing a supplier portal including invoice reports to eliminate time and cost of inquiry calls.
  • Reduced cost vs. paper invoices.
  • No installation of hardware or software required.
  • Data can be submitted in any format to OB10 when using the “Integrated Solution” method.
  • As more buyers join the network, cost per invoice further decreases.
  • The OB10 network is compliant with National Tax Legislation.

OB10 Electronic Invoicing Option

There are 2 primary methods for sending invoice and credit transactions via OB10. A supplier can either:

  1. Send a data file directly to OB10, or

  2. Create invoices on-line using the 'Web Form'.



What happens next?

The attached communication details the next steps and key requirements that allow us to process the data efficiently and according to terms.

ACH Payment Processing

ACH Processing is also available. We believe this method of payment will facilitate a more timely and efficient mode of processing payments.

Who do I contact if I need more information on OB10 electronic invoicing?

Please contact the OB10team at: 

United States 1 877 752 0900, Option #2
North America
OB10 Support

Who do I contact for the invoice status/payment status related queries?

For any invoice status/payment related queries, please contact DSW Accounts Payable at: 

DSW Accounts Payable
  Phone Email Address / Physical Address
AP Hotline (614) 872-1339
AP Fax Line (614) 872-1620 Attn: Accounts Payable Dept.
810 DSW Drive 
Columbus, Ohio 43219

How do I know my Invoice/Invoice File was successfully delivered to DSW by OB10?

  1. OB10 sends an e-mail confirmation to you informing whether the invoice/invoice file has been accepted by OB10 for transmission to DSW.

  2. OB10 assigns a transaction number for every successful submission to OB10. (This 15 digit transaction ID is unique for every invoice submitted through OB10 and begins with AAA, example: AAA000001234567.)

You can find this number by accessing your account at

  • Log into your account at
  • Under the heading "Reporting", select "Invoices Submitted".
  • Leave all filters asthey are and run the report.
  • A report showing all invoice numbers and Transaction IDs will display.

What data must be included on the invoices when submitted via OB10?

Suppliers should not send duplicate paper invoices. OB10 acknowledges safe processing and delivery of all invoices and credits processed to an email address of your choice. 

Please ensure all data on your paper invoice is provided via this electronic approach and use comments lines when necessary. 

DSW will require the following information for each electronic invoice:

  • Prepare only ONE invoice per Purchase Order, per shipment / service. Shipments made directly to store locations should be billed, by store, including the applicable store number. Services performed at the store locations should include the store location and store number.

    • Payments will not be generated based on statements, proposals, or estimates.

  • DSW purchase order number

  • Your DSW vendor number (must be included in the vendor address section of the invoice. The OB10 representative will provide this number, or simply confirm.

  • Invoice number (please use non-repetitive, unique numbers)

  • Invoice date (i.e. shipment/service)

  • Item detail as per purchase order (if applicable, including terms)

    • Description

    • Size

    • Quantity of items invoiced by line

    • Cost per item involved

    • Unit of measure/breakdown for each item invoiced (ex. Box,carton)

    • Service description

    • Remit to address, city, state, and zip code

    • Ship to location, including address, city, state, and zipcode

    • Tax amount

    • Ship to date